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Our Story

Tangail Saree Kutir is a brand name equivalent to the essence of sheer elegance and class. The company is associated with the idea of great quality because over the years, it has been consistently producing the best products of our cultural heritage in the form of beautiful and sarees.

Our Founder - Monira Emdad

The talented individual behind such a prominent enterprise is Monira Emdad – the pioneer of establishing and reviving the traditional weaving method of ‘taant’. She has been working and thriving in the saree fashion industry for almost 3 decades creating gorgeous works of art with the help of her absolute talent. Her notable works have helped her achieve the title of Former President of Taant Council of Bangladesh. Her brilliant designs and ingenious leadership and grace has lead TSK to achieve great success.

Our Journey

It all began back in 1982 when Monira Emdad was looking after a travel agency business only to realize that was not her passion. During that time she went on a trip to Tangail. On the way there she stumbled upon several ‘taanti’ villages at Pathrail. She stopped by to talk to the weavers and much to her dismay, she realized that despite weaving such beautiful fabric, the color combinations, patterns, and the measurements were not up to the mark. Furthermore, Monira Emdad observed that the ‘taantis’ were completely isolated and had no communication with the market in the city. That is when she had an epiphany and realized that working in the traditional saree industry is her true calling. So she closed down the travel agency business and set foot into a business which has taken the saree industry by storm ever since its inception. Monira Emdad has since been working closely with the ‘taantis’ to guide them to make proper step of the ‘taant’ saree making process starting from the design and color conceptualizations to deciding the distinct weaving patterns.

Current Success

Due to Monira Emdad’s immense talent and hard work she has been successful to see her business grow and be liked by the masses across the nation and abroad. Initially, there was only one branch of Tangail Saree Kutir in a small showroom with 130 saree pieces, 3 weavers, 1 craftsman, and one salesman. The business has now expanded to 12,000 weavers, 500 craftsman, and 70 employees working across 6 branches. Tangail Saree Kutir has achieved
remarkable recognition not only amongst local customers but also, amongst international markets. Tangail Saree Kutir has loyal customers who have stayed with the company ever since its inception to this day. Monira Emdad’s network of clients and friends involve a wide array of high profile influential and celebrity status social circle who have been regular customers at the shop. This only goes to show how genuine effort, sincerity, and talent can revolutionize and help a dying tradition to rekindle.

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